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The things a narrator doesn’t need to say

The things a narrator doesn't need to say. A very good bit of writing advice from the lovely Victoria Grefer.

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When I found out that my fiancé, Brian’s family was having a reunion at a time and place where we could both attend, I was both excited and terrified. I am not the most social creature, and other than Brian’s … Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Blog More Interesting

Another great post from the wonderful Janine! 5 Easy Ways To Make Your Blog More Interesting.

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My short story, Descending, is in the cliffhanger contest

Hi all! My short cliffhanger, Descending, is in a contest. Please go- read- vote! You don’t have to vote for me, vote for the fic you like best. But if you don’t vote for me I will cry. The Cliffhanger … Continue reading

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Encouraging Critique- Don’t be a Precious Princess

The wonderful thing about the internet is that anyone can write something and have it posted for all the world to see. This is also the horrible thing about the internet. People do. People write any old thing. And then … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Gwen Bristol:
A red dragonfly in North Dakota As old as stars, and just as wise this dragon flits across the skies on wings as clear as time and space, as intricate as tatted lace. Elusive as…

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Das Krakenhaus Publishing looking for short stories

Das Krakenhaus Publishing is still on the lookout for short stories under 12k words in the genres of scientific romanticism (such as H. G. Wells and Jules Verne) and Steampunk. I believe they pay only a small stipend, but if … Continue reading

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Wyrd House Update, Chapter Seven Posted!

My paranormal romance novel, Wyrd House, has been updated. Chapter seven is posted and you can find it here: Chapter Seven I apologize for the long wait. I’m hoping to post one chapter a week at least, but sometimes juggling … Continue reading

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Ferret Haiku

In quiet darkness ferrets creep under blankets to nibble your toes Come morning I wake frown at my shivering feet socks have been stolen Not under the bed not behind the big dresser oh, where are my socks? Cute chubby … Continue reading

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Would you read this book?

I have a favor to ask. I’ve been working on the description for Ghost in the Park that goes into the query letters I have been sending to agents. Thanks to the good people over at Absolute Write’s Water Cooler, … Continue reading

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