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Plots and Plans

2017 is the year of writing dangerously. I am jumping into self publishing with both feet, and making many plots and plans. Taking the self publishing route does not mean I’m going to ignore Kindle Scout campaigning. Not at all, … Continue reading

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What is That Thick Skin Everybody Talks About?

You hear it everywhere. “If you’re going to be a writer, you’re going to have to grow a thick skin.” “You are going to have to work on thickening that skin up.” “I wanted to help her with her critique, … Continue reading

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Writing to Market- What Does it Mean?

Should a novelist write to market? Should they avoid writing to market like the plague? Should they write to trend or to tropes? What does it all mean? Take heart, gentle reader, I will do my level best to tell … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why Your Query Letter is Important

Many times I have read rants and stories regarding writing query letters to agents about one’s novel. Inevitably there are some folks who cannot believe one business letter is worth the agony, frustration, and hard work that authors put into … Continue reading

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Charlie the Grasshopper wins Blog Battle!

My short story, Charlie the Grasshopper, won the Blog Battle short story contest last week. Charlie is thrilled, and wants to thank everyone who read and voted.  He is very proud of his Blog Battle badge. You can read about … Continue reading

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Making Your Own Book Cover (If you have to.)

It’s not the best idea to make your own cover. Even if you have some art background, you don’t have book cover design background. That’s a problem. Chances are, no matter how hard you work on the project, it isn’t … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Narrative Point of View!

There’s much confusion about the different styles of Point of View (POV) in novels, and exactly what each of them mean. I’ve just read a plethora of comments on the subject, and some clarity is desperately needed. Here I am, … Continue reading

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Short Story- Charlie the Grasshopper

Today, I’m taking part in Blog Battle. It’s a short story battle for fun and entertainment. This week the story criteria were as follows: 1,000 words Genre: Tall Tale Word: Resolved You can see the Blog Battle post with a … Continue reading

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Why Exclamation Marks Suck!!!

Every day my fiancé goes to work, he texts me when he gets there. He knows I have anxiety issues. “Here safe! Love you!” Every day I respond, “Love you and stay safe!” (Sometimes I add hearts or smooches. I’m … Continue reading

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Querying Agents- Both an Art Form and Masochistic Practice.

Oh, the highs and lows of drafting a pitch and tossing it into the water to try to hook and land an agent. I’ve spoken on this in previous posts, but there’s always something new to say. (To see my … Continue reading

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