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Starting Your Novel with Backstory? Don’t.

Starting Your Novel with Backstory? Don’t. I’ve gotten some great free eBooks by being involved in the Kindle Scout program. You nominate a book, it gets selected for publication, and you get a free book. You get a free book … Continue reading

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Spring Wildflowers- Picture Post

I love early spring wildflowers in Indiana.  It’s living proof that the winter is behind us and warm days are on the way.  I think winter is nice for about a week, then I’m done with it, and the long … Continue reading

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Crown Hill Cemetery

Picture post!  I had a big fun day with my family today.  First there was the dropping off of an old mattress and box-springs as well as an old dishwasher at my town’s free heavy trash drop off.  Okay, maybe … Continue reading

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Top 7 Newbie Writer Mistakes

We all start out somewhere. None of us are awesome novel writers right off the bat. That’s to be expected. No one goes straight from “I think I might write a book” to Stephen King, writing superstar, just as no … Continue reading

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The Year of Writing Dangerously- Writing News

The Year of Writing Dangerously- Writing News Today is mostly going to be writing news, and all the things I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been a busy bee, both with writing and also with a ton of campaigning and … Continue reading

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Obedience Training Can Save Your Dog’s Life

I just spent 30 minutes trying to catch a dog, and another 30 posting its picture all over the internet. It’s a big baby. Not frightened or unfriendly, but so intent on chasing other animals that I could do nothing … Continue reading

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