Nick of Time

Nick of Time is my fourth book published, and one of my favorites.  It started it’s life as a project I did for National Novel Writing Month.

Nick has to save people. Every. Damn. Day.
Nick Callaghan’s life has become an exhausting series of strange coincidences. Wherever he goes, Nick finds himself in a position to help others when they need it most. From foiling an armed stalker to grabbing a child in a broken roller-coaster car, Nick’s life is constant chaos. He has no idea what sort of force could have turned him into the world’s guardian angel, but he wants it to stop. There’s only one person who knows what Irish legend he’s fallen afoul of, but Grandmother isn’t talking.


Amazon Reviewer, Blue Dolphin, had this to say about Nick of Time:

A delightful fantasy mixing reality in contemporary Indiana with the ancient legendary world of the Fae on a green Irish hillside. Nick is your average good guy. For unknown reasons, he has had to rescue people (and animals) in dire need since the age of eighteen. He has trained himself for this unwanted part-time job by taking First-Aid, CPR and self-defence courses, since breaking up fights is also in his unofficial job description. Being an everyday unsung hero is all very well, but the stress and physical effort is making Nick exhausted and depressed. According to his grandmother, the solution to his problems lies in a sleepy town in Ireland, the land of his ancestors, where more amazing rescues and adventures await him.

The charm of this story is in the character of Nick himself. He’s solidly dependable, but comically reticent. Saving lives is so much a part of his life that his extended family now take it for granted. After he rescues his pretty neighbour from a crazed admirer who is stalking her, Nick gains a formidable ally and a new love interest.

The story is narrated in the first person and present tense, which gives it compelling immediacy. We are right there with Nick every moment of his crazy existence, and get to experience the curious time slowing that heralds each new crisis. The pace is steady but sustained as Nick moves from one rescue to the next; there are so many exciting situations, but my favourite is the airplane intervention, which I found highly dramatic. Once the action moves to Ireland, the gentle supernatural elements seep in, and I loved the depiction of the Fair Folk in all their harsh capriciousness. Strong world-building, good character depictions, and terrific dialogue. An original and intriguing tale, beautifully written and suitable for the widest audience.

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