Outwit, Outslay, Outlive

The castaways were hoping to win a million dollars. Now they only want to survive.

The first book of my new series is now available for preorder. The price will be discounted until it launches on the 31st. The series is Marooned and the first book of this trilogy is Outwit. You can find it here: mybook.to/Outwit


What could be better than a lovely zombie tale just in time for Halloween?

Outwit. Outslay. Outlive.

When his game of survival becomes all too real, television host Benjamin Walsh must gather the few survivors and find a way to escape the horde. The dead are walking and they are ravenous.

Cut off from the mainland, there’s no telling how far this plague of zombies has spread. Benji is worried about his family. If he risks everything to reach home, will he find more of the same?

For now, he must use his charm to turn a disjointed bunch of players into a crew able to endure this gruesome new world. The castaways were hoping to win a million dollars. Now they only want to survive.

Outwit is book one of the series Marooned. Grab your copy today to find out what happens when reality TV becomes all too real.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Hey, gals,” Lloyd said. “Any luck?”

Before anyone could answer him, a scream made them all jump.

“What the hell was that?” Deshawn had dropped the wood he was gathering and jogged over to join them.

“I think it came from the beach,” Lloyd said.

As they turned their heads in that direction, they heard more screaming. It was a man’s voice. Lloyd dashed to the tree where the camp’s machete was stuck in the trunk and released it with a flick of his wrist. He didn’t know what the trouble was, but he felt better holding the large blade.

“Come on!” he shouted, and then ran for the beach.

As they reached the tree line, they met Paul coming the other way. Lloyd had to sidestep to avoid hitting him with the machete. The man was panting for breath. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide. Out of sight behind him, the screaming abruptly stopped.

“Paul, what’s going on?” Lloyd snapped.

“It’s…it’s Roberta.”

“It can’t be Roberta.” Twenty-one-year-old Vicky Hawkins rolled her eyes. “Roberta got voted out two weeks ago.”

“It’s her. I swear it. She came out of the water. The girl was walking funny…we thought she was hurt. Evan went down to help her and she just attacked him. There’s something wrong with her. Something is seriously wrong with her.”

“And you didn’t help Evan?” Deshawn asked.

“There’s something wrong with her,” Paul repeated, then he dropped to his knees and vomited onto the sand.

“Well, I’m not afraid of Roberta. We’ve got to go help Evan.”

As Deshawn started for the beach, Lloyd stopped him with a hand on his arm.

“Slow down, Deshawn. Let’s take it slow and see what’s happenin’.”

He had a very bad feeling about this. True, he didn’t have much use for Paul, but the overly confident man seemed unflappable under normal circumstances. Whatever the hell had happened, it must have been pretty horrific.

“What do you mean slow it down? Evan’s a dick, but he’s in trouble.”

“Listen, the screaming has stopped. Either Evan has calmed Roberta down, or we’re too late to give him a hand. Either way, we gots to go slow and keep safe. The cameramen can’t reach home base…there ain’t going to be any medics rushing to the island today. So, go slow and watch yourself.”

“Yeah. I see your point. Slow and steady and don’t freak out.”

“That’s the plan.”

The group started out onto the beach then. They could see two forms lying on the sand just north of them. The screaming had stopped, but there was an odd snuffling sound.

“Talking about Roberta like she was some kind of crazy ninja,” Vicky muttered. She’s five foot nothing. How the hell is a little girl like that supposed to hurt a big strong guy like Evan? Like she even would if she could. Roberta’s a sweetie pie.”

“Hush, Vicky,” Wanda Devinport hissed.

The sixty-year-old grandmother had little use for the young woman. Along with raising a family, Wanda had been a professional modern dancer. She was more fit than the younger women of the group and did ten times the work of the rather vapid Vicky and Roberta put together.

“Yes, Vicky, be quiet a moment. Let’s see what’s going on.” At twenty-eight, petite Kelly Huang was clever, beautiful, and fiercely competitive.

The last member of the group, Sarah Dove, followed along in silence. A pretty girl with bleach blonde hair, Sarah hadn’t realized what she’d gotten herself into by joining the cast of Marooned. The girl worked hard around camp but was useless at challenges. She’d stopped thinking about gameplay and started thinking about going home.

As they drew near to the pair lying on the beach, the group couldn’t see much. Evan was on his back, flat on the sand. Roberta was leaning over him, blocking their view of his upper torso and face. The girl had her back to them and didn’t seem to notice their approach.

It wasn’t until they came within five feet that they could see the blood soaking into the sand around Evan’s prone body.



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