Ghost at the College is free until Oct. 13th

My newest paranormal mystery, Ghost at the College, is available free on Kindle until Friday the 13th. This is the second book in the Unruly Ghost Mysteries. It contains spoilers for book one, but can be read as a standalone. Speaking of book one, Ghost in the Park is discounted to $.99 for the release.

Abducted kids, a ghost, and Teddy Roosevelt.

Someone is stealing Louisville’s children. The deceptive kidnapper prowls unnoticed, making every park and gathering their hunting grounds. In this sequel to Ghost in the Park, Bryce saves one child from abduction but sees another snatched before his eyes. He’d stop this child stealing spree, but he needs help. Enter Bridget. She might be a ghost, but she will do anything she can to help her missing brother. Together, they will find the culprit, even if they have to recruit every ghost in town.


Click on the pic to go to Ghost at the College’s Amazon page.

The Unruly Ghost Mysteries follow Bryce Campbell as he helps his police officer friend Chase solve crimes. Bryce is a writer and college professor, but his ability to hear the dead and have occasional flashes of psychic insight help solve the mystery in each book.

This book was a bit of a challenge for me. It’s the 6th novel I’ve written, but the first time I’ve had to write the second book of a series before. It was a new experience to find a way to repeat necessary information from the first book without going overboard. I’ll let the readers decide if I managed the feat with any sort of grace.


Click here for Ghost in the Park

Also on sale until the 15th, in honor of all things Halloween, Teatime of the Living Dead. Nothing like a romp through downtown Louisville with thousands of zombies chasing you.  Grab a copy for $ .99.


Click here for Teatime

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I am a writer in Indiana who lives with two cats, two ferrets, and one fiance. I enjoy cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.
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