Because it’s MY Blog, That’s Why.

I moderate all the comments on my blog.  I have a small herd of spammers trying, time after time, to comment about my improving my SEO by giving them money, etc.  Spam has no place on my blog, comments from people do.  Since I began this blog, back in 2012, I have never screened comments for content.

Until today.


Until today it was all sunshine and sunflowers.

I’ve had comments from folks who didn’t agree with me on some point or another.  I’ve had comments from people who didn’t seem to like me too much.  I’ve had comments from people who didn’t like my writing style.

I approved them all.

I write a blog and I often discuss my opinion of something.  I don’t expect everyone to agree.  I have a conversational tone than sometimes gets a bit snarky and humorous.  I don’t expect everyone to dig that.  I’m a chainsaw-owning, opinionated woman, I don’t expect everyone to like me.

And that’s okay.  Rock on.  I love every single one of you.

But today, I had a comment that went quickly from someone who disagrees with me on an issue to someone that thinks one subset of human beings is inherently superior to another subset of human beings.  They actually used the word “superior.”  Out of habit, I almost approved the comment and responded to it. Then I stopped myself, thought for a moment, and put it straight in the trash.


Baby swallows judge you, superior dude.  They do not approve.

If you want to spout your “My people are superior to all the other people” nonsense, you can get right the fuck off of my blog, you judgmental twat.

I will post all sorts of comments on my blog, but I am not going to post any sort of hate speech, whether it’s blatant or thinly veiled.  I’m not certain why this person thought I would post that comment.  I am not a member of the “superior” human group this person was going on about.  Even if I was, I would never buy what this twat was selling.  I know all sorts of people who are in that group and the vast majority are not douches.

I love all the peoples, in all their beautiful diversity.  This God fellow, he must love variety, he made so many different kinds of us.

Twatface also seemed like they hadn’t even read the post they were commenting on.  They missed the entire point.  I’m not surprised.


Billy also judges you, douche-canoe.  He finds you wanting.

So, there you have it.  I used to never screen actual non-spammy comments.  Now, I almost never do.  Comment away, gentle readers!  Unless you post some crap about one group of people being all better than everyone else, I will probably approve your comment.

But if any trolls want to make free with the hate speech, they can pedal that crap somewhere else.

Because it’s my blog.  That’s why.



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I am a writer in Indiana who lives with two cats, two ferrets, and one fiance. I enjoy cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.
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6 Responses to Because it’s MY Blog, That’s Why.

  1. I’ve been very lucky and have had very few spammers or trolls. I guess that’s one benefit of a low-readership blog. 🙂 Good for you on protecting yourself. It’s important! – Marty

  2. S.E. White says:

    Yes! This, exactly. Debate and healthy criticism? Sure. Hate speech? Fuck off. I wish there was an app that wouldn’t open comments until the person had scrolled through the entire article/post. I’d pay good money for that app.

  3. Gray Anderson says:

    My RESPECTS TO YOU. A STRONG Woman with your values clear. Congratulations.

    And YES, it’s your Blog…you and all people Deserved RESPECT

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