The Blurb Doctor

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Tired of slaving over the same sickly blurb? The Blurb Doctor is in!

For over a decade, I’ve studied the fine art of blurb writing. From query letters to ad copy, I’ve written and fine tuned blurbs both for myself and for other authors. I’ve spent time in an online group helping other writers spruce up their blurbs. I know how to take a ho-hum blurb and make it more engaging so you will get more sales.

Now, I’m offering that service to anyone who needs it through Fiverr.

So, what can you get?

Basic Blurb- For $10 you get your blurb rewritten and re-vamped. I do character driven blurbs based on a simple and effective formula. Be prepared to send me your old blurb and answer the following questions: Who is the MC? What do they want? What/who stands in their way? What happens if the MC doesn’t get what they want? Any three keywords you want to make sure I include.

Blurb Plus- For $15, I will rewrite your blurb and add a call to action at the end. Not everyone enjoys writing calls to action, but they are proven to sell books.

Best Blurb- For $20, I will rewrite your blurb, write a call to action, and write an engaging hook. Hooks sell books!

Services include one re-write for fine tuning. Additional re-writes will cost extra.

Best genres: I am most fluent in all forms of speculative fiction, including fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, etc. I also am very familiar with romance, mystery, and non-political thriller. I am not as conversant in erotica, memoir, literary, and non-fiction.

Wishing you had a more engaging blurb? Stop wishing and head over to my Fiverr page! I would love to help!

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  1. Ben Clayton says:

    what’s your fiverr account name?

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