Teatime of the Living Dead’s Big Fun Release Day!

Teatime is live on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Amazon and available for purchase.  I love this book and I’m very excited about this release.  Teatime is one of my favorite things I’ve written to date.  It combines all the things I love, writing, theatre, and humor.

Some time ago, I was the costume designer for a production of Night of the Living Dead for a Louisville theatre.  I adored the production.  We did filming in a local cemetery for the first bit of the show, participated in Zombie University to teach members of the community to be our zombie horde, and even participated in the local zombie walk.  I never had so much fun making theatre before or since.  These are the experiences I drew on to write Teatime, and I think that’s why the story shines a little brighter than some of my earlier work.


An Amazon review for Teatime:
“Lately I have gone back to reading books outside my normal sphere of interest. This one is a perfect example of a book that I enjoyed immensely despite my general indifference to zombies. The writing is so strong, the suspense so tight, the chase so enjoyable that I galloped through the story in half the time it would normally take me.

The premise is kind of fun: Andrew Hamilton is a successful theatre producer, getting ready for the first night of an exciting new production, called “Night of the Living Dead”. Small cast, large horde of zombies (30 locals, trained to perfection over a month, 2 media personalities added in for publicity reasons), spectacular, fiery special effects. The dress rehearsal is a smashing success, but on opening night, things quickly go very wrong when the horde of zombies start attacking the public, and it transpires that their ultimate, juicy target is really Andrew.

What follows is a nail-biting chase as Andrew tries to flee the growing, all-pervading threat. The detailed pursuit through downtown Louisville is so well documented that, at one point, I had the map out and was following the action from a virtual helicopter!

Many moral choices must be made along the way, and Andrew’s character, already nicely developed, grows with each challenge. We all have our pet fears, weak points, and personal nightmares. Andrew is tested to the limit over and over again in order to survive, while he has to deal with the guilt of having unwittingly been the spark igniting the mayhem.

Tight, confident writing, impeccable research (the author really knows her theatre), a lovable protagonist put through the wringer, and a worthy romantic sidekick, sufficiently fleshed out to also elicit a strong emotional response from me (i.e. I loved her). There is a fair amount of gore, enough to satisfy the most blood-thirsty, but not so much that the squeamish like me will be put off. This story kept me on the edge of my seat right from the start, and provided a lot of unexpected subplots and enriching detours into the human psyche, and the nature of altruism. A lot more than a scary zombie romp, a thoroughly satisfying read with a heart-warming message of optimism and belief in the power of love, self-belief, and the will to survive.”


Click here to check out Teatime’s Amazon page.

Click on the “My Books” tab at the top of the page to read a three chapter preview.

I just love this book.  I’m glad it’s finally release day!


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I am a writer in Indiana who lives with two cats, two ferrets, and one fiance. I enjoy cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.
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