Get my newest book, Ghost in the Park, for free!

Get my newest book, Ghost in the Park, for free!

It’s Kindle Scout time again, and I’m really excited about this one. Ghost in the Park starts its thirty-day campaign today.

I was very pleased with my last book’s launch, so I’m doing the same thing this time. Everyone who nominates Ghost will get a free copy of the eBook, regardless of whether Kindle Press selects it for publication. If not selected, I’ll announce the free dates here and on my Facebook author page. Be sure to nominate though; if it is selected by Kindle Press, nomination is the only way to receive a free copy.

All it takes to nominate is an Amazon account, and Scout will require that you sign in. Amazon owns Scout, so it is not a third party site, it’s part of the Amazon machine.

You can nominate Ghost in the Park here.


About Ghost in the Park:

After years of polishing my writing skills on fanfiction, Ghost was the first novel I ever wrote. I wrote it in two short months. This book practically wrote itself. I have left it until now because I wanted to work out the kinks in the Scout process before I put my prettiest baby into the program.

Ghost got a moderate re-write. In the years since I wrote Ghost, I’ve learned a few things. Then it was packed off to the editor and returned in its present sparkling state. This is the fifth novel I’m publishing and it’s my personal favorite.

Ghost in the Park is also the first book in my first series. I’ve got the first three books in the series plotted, and Ghost 2 is about half-way written. I am not sure how many books there will be in total, but I could easily see me writing this series for a long time. It’s that much fun.

There’s a touch more gore in this book than in my usual, but it’s limited to a couple of scenes. The Unruly Ghost Mysteries are all paranormal mysteries, and I wanted to start the story out with a bang. Ghost in the Park has a serial killer for a bad guy, and he is a baddy.

Ghost 2 is less violent and has a completely different sort of criminal. That’s one of the things that makes this series so much fun to write.


Elizabeth is the oddest ghost he’s ever met.

Bryce’s favorite student has fallen prey to a vicious killer. He’s a mild-mannered college professor, but Bryce feels compelled to use his psychic insight and ability to talk to the dead to bring this murderer to justice. Enter Elizabeth. This ghost is distracting, pushy, and eighteen years old. While she needles Bryce to change his hermit ways, she also shows abilities that will aid him in his search for the serial killer. In the end, he’ll discover why Elizabeth is not your average ghost.


A killer, a ghost, and a cat named Billy.  Ghost in the Park

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I am a writer in Indiana who lives with two cats, two ferrets, and one fiance. I enjoy cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.
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