Kindle Scout Campaign! What the hell was I thinking?

I recently found out about Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. For some reason I thought it was a great idea. I have a romance/ action/adventure novel that I wasn’t certain what to do with, and KS looked like a great thing to try.

My book’s campaign went live forty-nine minutes ago and I’m already a little freaked out. Kindle Scout uses readers to slog through their slush pile. That’s kind of brilliant. The readers see covers, descriptions, and excerpts, and vote on books they want to read. Get enough attention, and KS editors will take a look at your book and decide if they want to publish it. The editors make the final decision. A ton of votes will not get you published if they don’t deem the work publishable.


But they won’t even see it if you don’t get the votes.

For some reason, that all sounded like a great time to me. I got the entire project ready, did yet another re-write and found a few spots to polish, and now it’s a go.

And I’m freaking out. I was never the popular kid. I was chosen last for sports teams in school. I have a reasonable amount of facebook friends, but I’m not a high flyer. While I love this book, in forty-nine short minutes I have become convinced that no one is going to vote for my book.


Thank you, Mr. Ford. I needed that right now.  Not that I believe you.

I will try to quiet that mean voice, and keep on keeping on.

If you want to take a look at the project and consider voting for the freaked out writer, here’s the information.

It’s time to vote! I submitted my book, Descending, to Kindle Scout. The campaign is live, and folks can start voting today.

What to do: If you have an Amazon account and you want to help, go to this link and vote for Descending. Each Amazon account holder gets three votes for books they’d like to see published, but you can only vote for each book once.

What’s in it for you: If Descending is chosen for publication, every person who votes for it gets a FREE advance copy of the e-book, and an opportunity to review it before anyone else. You don’t have to review, you get the free advance copy regardless.

How you can help: Vote, if you can. Re-blog this if you are willing. Descending may or may not be published by Kindle, but without your help, it doesn’t stand a chance. Vote now! Get a free e-book!


About JulianneQJohnson

I am a writer in Indiana who lives with two cats, two ferrets, and one fiance. I enjoy cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.
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