Crown Hill Cemetery

Picture post!  I had a big fun day with my family today.  First there was the dropping off of an old mattress and box-springs as well as an old dishwasher at my town’s free heavy trash drop off.  Okay, maybe not fun, but very satisfying to get that stuff out of the shed.  Then there was unexpected sushi lunch at my favorite sushi place.  Then we went out to Crown Hill Cemetery to show my brother some of the sites.


Gothic Chapel behind part of the military section of the cemetery.

Crown Hill in Indianapolis was first established in 1863 when 236 acres of land were purchased from three local farmers.  Other lands were purchased as time went on, and now the cemetery is 374 acres.

28crownhill8_16  20170408_160854

The Gothic Chapel was built in 1875, and restored in 1972.  It’s lovely, and certainly worth a visit.

34jameswhitcombriley29_16   33jameswhitcombriley9_16

Indiana poet, James Whitcomb Riley, was the first person buried at the Crown.  After Riley’s death, local children began leaving coins on his grave-site to pay for his memorial.  He was beloved by all, but especially the children.  Coins are still left here, and the donations are given to the poet’s namesake- Riley Children’s Hospital.


Not only is Riley’s monument worth seeing, but there’s a wonderful view from the crown of the hill.  You can see downtown Indianapolis lurking in the background of this picture.


American depression era gangster, John Dillinger, is also buried here.  He has a plain marker in a less fancy section of the cemetery.  Today, his headstone was decorated with change and a dark tulip.


Dr. Richard J. Gatling, inventor of the Gatling Gun, is buried here with his family and a very nice monument.

23crownhill8_16_benjamineharrison   20160802_175030

23rd United States President Benjamin Harrison is buried here with both of his wives.  I like that.  I think it’s lovely that both his wives got to be part of the family plot instead of picking one over the other.  His first wife, Caroline, died of tuberculosis when she was sixty.


29crownhill8_16   30crownhill8_16

But the people of note are not the biggest reason I love visiting Crown Hill.  It’s a gorgeous place.  There are giant trees here, and beautiful flowers here and there.  There are many monuments, some of which have stained glass windows inside.

11crownhill8_16_persephone   20170304_163507

There are statues and other sculptures throughout the grounds, and many of the monuments themselves are also works of art.


20160802_173631  20160802_173716  20170408_161252

If you look sharp, you might see some deer as well.

20160922_174927  20crownhill8_16

If you are ever in the Indianapolis area, a visit to Crown Hill is a wonderful way to spend a few hours.



Buddha, Brother Joe, Sweetie Brian, and Mom.


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