Writing News- Ghost in the Park

I apologize for the slow updating of Wyrd House lately.  The new job, and some reworking on Ghost in the Park, has taken most of my time.  But the reworking has been useful.  I did a re-write on both my first chapter, and my query letter, making improvements to both.  Sent a handful of query letters out to agents yesterday, and got 2 full manuscript requests today!  I know that’s still a long way from getting signed, but I haven’t had any requests in a long time, and this has perked me up considerably.

Yay me!

It's Spring!  Why is it so cold?

It’s Spring! Why is it so cold?

About JulianneQJohnson

I am a writer in Indiana who lives with two cats, two ferrets, and one fiance. I enjoy cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.
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