Headtalker Promos- What they are and how they can help.

If you are promoting a book or a Kindle Scout campaign, there are exactly one butt ton of promoters that want to help you promote your work ranging from free to hundreds of dollars.

I’m sending my second novel through Kindle Scout, and I only have one novel published. Conventional wisdom tells me that spending money on promotion is far more effective after one has three or more books published. Readers are going to be more into you after you have a body of work rather than a single offering.

Until I have more books published, and until I have a budget for promotion, I am focusing on free promos. Today, I’m here to tell you about Headtalker.


Headtalker is a free service for all kinds of self promotion, not only books. It’s a way to get the word out on social media, and it rocks at what it does.

Let’s say you are promoting a KS campaign on your social media. You make a post on Facebook, ask for people to nominate your work, and ask people to share the post. You’ll get some nominations for sure, but few people will end up sharing the post. What do you do?

You start a Headtalker promotion. HT makes it easy and painless for your contacts on social media to share your information on their own social media. You put the information and website address on HT, and post on your own social media for people to support it on HT.

Your friends visit your HT promo and all they have to do is click a button. They can choose to support your HT with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Linked In. They click a button and that’s all they have to do.


Here’s what Headtalker does. On the date you set for your HT promo to end, Headtalker posts your promotion directly to the social media pages of everyone that supported your promo. It automatically shares your information to their social media for them. Easy peasy.

What you need to do:

Have a website to direct people to, whether it’s a KS campaign or a blog, or the site where you sell your books.

Write a clear promotion. For mine, I asked for nominations on Kindle Scout and included the description of my book.

Have your graphics ready and to the correct size. You cannot edit these if you get it wrong. Your banner pic should be 1908 x 768 pixels. Your smaller pic should be twitter size- 440 x 220 pixels, which will work well for Facebook also. If you add a picture that is too small, HT will stretch it and it will look like crap. (I found that out the hard way.) You can also add a small avatar.


Double check everything before submitting. I have a stupid typo in the short description of mine, and it can’t be edited once it’s live.

Set your goals. You will be asked when you want your promo to end, I suggest you select at least one week. You will also be asked how many supporters you are looking for. If you don’t reach your supporter goal, your promo will not go out on the end date. Pick the smallest number for your first try, 25. The end date and the number of supporters is changeable after the promotion goes live, so you can adjust these based on how it’s doing. I started my current one at 25, and had to raise it to 45.

Your promo will have to be approved, but this rarely takes more than a few hours.

Once it is approved, share the link to your HT promo on your social media and ask people to support it.

Now, Headtalker itself is free, but there is a marketplace where you can purchase support. Some people have decent social media presence and it only costs a buck to get them to support you. If you are having trouble getting enough supporters, a trip to the marketplace might be worth considering.

Now, get out there and check Headtalker out!


My paranormal mystery, Wyrd House, is looking for nominations on Kindle Scout. If it gets chosen for publication, everyone who nominated it gets a free advance copy of the ebook. Head over to Wyrd House’s KS campaign and check it out! You can find it here.

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I am a writer in Indiana who lives with two cats, two ferrets, and one fiance. I enjoy cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.
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